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A Debt Strategy You Can Manage

We can offer a practical debt strategy from one simple conversation with you. Regardless of it being an IVA, DMP or any other proposal, it will always be a manageable and one you can afford.

As Much as 70% Debt Erased

Conditional on the type of debt you have and the proposal we agree on, it is possible for us to rid you of a considerable amount of your unresolved debt. Several of our previous customers have seen their debt cut by as much as 70%!

Trim That Monthly Payplan

By formulating a practical and affordable debt management plan, predicated on each individual’s circumstances, the majority of our customers see their monthly repayment plans slashed!

Halt the Interest on your Debts

Because of our extensive associations with hundreds of creditors in Britain, we are regularly are able to agree to a stop the interest growing on our client’s existing debts.

Rid Yourself of Debt

As long as the debt management plan we devise for you is followed strictly, we can deliver you a debt free life!


End Creditors Pestering You!

We will deal with every single creditor of yours personally and agree a repayment schedule that you can manage to pay each month. We have welcoming debt advice experts that will be there for you through the entire process of debt eradication. Contact The Debt Guru today and move closer to freedom from debt!

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Why formulate a debt management plan?

We understand that every customer has a distinctive debt problem and we evaluate them accordingly. The debt management plan we devise will be based on your specific financial circumstances. The advantages of having a debt management strategy are:

  • Creditors stop harassing you for repayments.
  • Interest will stop growing on your existing debts.
  • Your debt problem will be simplified to one monthly bill.
  • The monthly bill will be shrunk to a figure you can afford.
  • Up to 70% of you debt will be written off.


Debt Strategies for You

We will examine a number of different debt strategies and choose ones best able to solve your specific problem.

Guidance on Money Management

We offer specialist guidance as to how to manage your finances so you don’t fall back into debt

Confidential Advice without Charge

We have a team of specialists ready to listen and respond to your specific debt issues

Dealing with Creditors

Our specialists will speak to your creditors for you and negotiate the most manageable repayment strategy

Legal Solutions

Our specialist will agree a debt solution with your creditor so you don’t have to worry about more legal action again you

Long-Term Help

Our specialist are in for the long-haul and are determined that once we help you get out of debt, you do not fall back in!


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Take Control of Your Outstanding Personal Debt Today!


The advantages of a debt management plan

  • It will give you a single, manageable monthly bill to pay in order to eradicate your debt.
  • You will be directed by one of our debt analysts who will make certain that your money is utilised in the most effective way to get you out of debt.
  • Our specialists will communicate with your creditors on your behalf and thus you will not have to worry about negotiating with them yourself.

What does a Debt Management Plan entail?

A debt management plan (DMP) is essentially a strategy formulated by a specialist to help someone with a significant amount of unsecured debt get rid of it. It will involve a detailed inventory of your personal finances and outstanding debt in order to ensure the correct amount of money is allocated for future debt payments. Thus, details will be gathered concerning your rent or mortgage bills as well as costs of food, utilities and travel. These living bills will be calculated alongside your income to work out the amount of disposable finance you have in order to target the unsecured debt hanging over your head. This money will be redistributed in a manageable and affordable way to you creditor so that you can be rid of the debt problem.

An external manager of your finances will be necessary to ensure your debt management plan is a success and you allocate the necessary finances to pay each month. The Debt Guru will formulate a strategy you are comfortable with but will also get you out of debt as soon as possible. Further to this, we will contact your creditors and negotiate robustly so that your reduced payment offer is agreed to. If you are content with The Debt Guru taking on the role of distributing your money, we will make sure the creditors are satisfied and the payments are paid in full, according to the agreed schedule.

If the formulation of a Debt Management Plan sounds like what you need or you need assistance in resolving your outstanding debt then call us for no charge today and you will be given a consultation with one of our experts. We will work out the best strategy for you.

The negatives of a Debt Management Plan

  • Your credit rating may suffer as a result of the reduced payment plan.
  • You will have to be frugal with your money and abide strictly by the budget that the plan demands.
  • Contingent on the size of your outstanding debt, the time required to be fully out of debt may be more than you were originally prepared for.

What does it take to organise a Debt Management Plan?

Firstly, you will need to fill out a contact form and give The Debt Guru the necessary details of your financial circumstances.
Once this is completed, we will organise a consultation where we will use the details of your financial circumstances to work out how much you are able to put aside for debt repayment each month. After this, we will contact your creditors with the plan we have devised with the expectation that they will agree to the terms we have set out.

Once an agreement is completed with the creditors you will be required to provide the finances set out in the plan each month until your outstanding debt is gone.

A small charge is required in order to devise a debt management plan and negotiate with your creditors. Call us today for a quote without charge and we will give you the specific details of our prices.

There will be a small charge for creating your debt management plan and negotiating its implementation with your creditors but this will typically be a low sum of money. Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll be happy to disclose details of our costs.

Is a debt management plan what I need?

One of the huge benefits of a debt management plan is that it gives the individual concerned perspective on what financial position they are in and a viable strategy for dealing with the burden of debt. It is the first step on the journey to living without debt hanging over you. If you fall under the bracket of someone who has access to some disposable income each month but cannot afford to pay off all your debt in one sum, a debt management plan might be exactly what you need. It will essentially divide your debt into smaller, more manageable chunks through specialist evaluation of your personal circumstances. Moreover, the distribution of your money will be left to our specialists whilst they will use their experience to effectively deal with the creditor so they no longer pester you for repayments.

However, if you fall under the bracket of someone that does not have disposable income each month then a debt management plan may not be the solution for you. This is because some disposable income is required to make the debt management plan viable.

If a debt management plan does sound like a viable solution to your problem then get in contact with us today and we will evaluate your situation and give you our specialist advice. Each individual’s circumstances are different and thus each debt management plan is different. Our ultimate aim is to secure a debt free future for you!



Take Control of Your Outstanding Personal Debt Today!

Pay what you can afford and reduce your monthly payments with a debt management plan.